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Environmental Policy Statement

Europa recognises the importance of environmental protection and is committed to operating its business responsibly and in fulfilment of its compliance obligations. It is the Company’s declared policy to operate with and to maintain good relations with all relevant regulatory bodies via the processes of our ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System – EMS.

We regularly evaluate the environmental impact of our activities, products and services and we take action to continually improve our environmental performance through the implementation of the following:

  • Assessing and regularly re-assessing the environmental effects of our activities.
  • The training and education of employees, suppliers and customers on environmental matters.
  • Minimising and reducing the production of waste.
  • Minimising and reducing material wastage, disposing of any safely and legally.
  • Minimising and reducing energy wastage.
  • Promoting recyclable and renewable material throughout the company and its supply chain.
  • Preventing pollution in all its forms.
  • Controlling any noise emissions from operations.
  • Minimising the risk to all persons from Company operations and activities completed.
  • Develop and Design products that can assist others in the control of Environmental matters.

Top management demonstrates leadership and commitment with respect to our Environmental Management System by:

  • Taking accountability for the effectiveness of the EMS.
  • Ensuring that the Environmental Policy and Environmental Objectives are established and are compatible with the strategic direction and the context of the Organisation.
  • Ensuring the integration of the EMS requirements into the business processes.
  • Ensuring that any required resources are available.
  • Communicating the importance of an effective EMS and conforming to the requirements.
  • Ensuring that all EMS objectives are achieved with satisfactory and intended outcomes.
  • Directing and supporting personnel to contribute to the effectiveness of the EMS.
  • Promoting and participating in continual improvement

This Environmental Policy will be communicated to all employees, external providers and other interested parties and will be regularly reviewed in order to ensure its continuing suitability as part of the ISO14001:2015 standards requirements.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement

The Business - Since 1974, our company, Europa, has been supplying electrical components to wholesalers, major catalogues and other mainline distributors across the UK. Based in Luton and the Manchester Hub in Trafford Park, we aim to keep full stock of fast moving lines ready to supply next day or available for same day collection. Our knowledgeable sales team are at the end of the phone to help you and your customer, supported by our specialist technical department offering advice covering the entire product range. Our active regional account managers are always on hand for site visits across the UK.

Our online service was created to help you find the information you need at the click of a finger. All our product images & datasheets are available to download and distribute and if you’re an existing Europa you can log in to view stock and order online.

Our Product Catalogue - Our catalogue is designed to be your go-to-guide for electrical components, although featuring over 3500 products, we’ve made it easy to find the product you need.

Featuring a huge range of Switchgear, Enclosures, Junction Boxes & Cable Accessories, Distribution equipment, Circuit & Surge Protection, Plugs & Sockets, Motor Starters & Control Gear, as well as a diverse range of fuses. We release new catalogue every year, keeping you up to date with the latest innovative products.

Europa products are certified to the required industry standards, with approvals according to: CE, KEMA, SEMKO, ASTA, EN, UL & CSA and we will work with our Supply Chain to conform to the current RoHS & REACH guidelines. All of our electrical waste is disposed of in compliance with the current WEEE regulations.

Our policy is to provide products and services that meet both our customers and the applicable regulatory requirements to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of continual development and improvement of our quality management system. We are very proud to have been successfully independently audited to the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems requirements for a concurrent period of 26 years.

Accreditation and application to the ISO standards provides the basis of our performance monitoring. The corporate quality objectives are to ensure that our procedures, control systems, work practices and actually, everything that we do, is focused toward achieving our aim of complete satisfaction by providing a dependable and professional service to all of our customers.

The Europa quality management system is designed to complement our customer requirements and establishes the setting of our quality objectives and processes which are necessary to deliver results in accordance with the organisations policies.

All members of the Europa Team, at every level, are aware of these corporate policies on Quality, Health & Safety and the Environment providing focus, service, expertise, and communication to the customer and by doing so, they contribute to the achievement of the organisation policies and objectives.

The Europa Senior Management team will ensure that this policy and the defined quality objectives are reviewed in conjunction with Health & Safety and Environmental responsibilities for continued suitability and compliance, both internally and via recognised auditing & certification companies.

CE marking - is required for many products. It:

  • Shows that the manufacturer has checked that these products meet EU safety, health or environmental requirements
  • Is an indicator of a product’s compliance with EU legislation
  • Allows the movement of products within the European market

KEMA Laboratories

  • Accredited testing and certification of equipment for transmission and distribution of electricity.


  • Is a division of Intertek Group plc specialising in electrical product safety testing, EMC testing, and benchmark performance testing.


  • Type Test Certificates provide authoritative objective evidence that your bespoke equipment is compliant to relevant safety standards. The certificate can be used for supporting technical files related to CE Marking for the European Union.

European Standards (EN)

  • are documents that have been approved by one of the 3 European Standards Organizations, CEN, CENELEC or ETSI. They are designed and created by all interested parties through a transparent, open and consensual process.

UL Standards

  • Encompass UL's extensive safety research and scientific expertise. With over a century of experience in the development of more than 1,500 Standards, UL is an accredited standards developer in the US and Canada. In extending its global public safety mission, UL Standards partners with national standards bodies in countries around the world to build a safer, more sustainable world.

The CSA Group

  • Is a not-for-profit standards organization which develops standards in 57 areas. CSA publishes standards in print and electronic form and provides training and advisory services.

The Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (EU No. 2015/863) – RoHS3

  • Aims to prevent hazardous substances from entering the production process and thereby keep them out of the waste stream

European Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 concerning REACH: Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals & SVHC: Restriction of Chemicals & Substances of Very High Concern

  • Europa is not currently a producer of chemicals or preparations using any substances listed within the regulation directive. As a downstream user and distributor of electrical products, both completed and in part form, we operate a control process for Vendor Management as part of our ISO9001:2015 QMS certification which requires us to contact our direct suppliers and to clarify the status of the substances they are supplying to us.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling (WEEE)

  • We are also registered to the required WEEE scheme to ensure that any product that qualifies via this system is controlled and effectively recycled wherever possible

Quality Policy Statement

The following is a statement of the Company’s health and safety policy in accordance with Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. It is the policy of Europa to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees working for the Company and other persons who may be affected by our undertakings.

Europa acknowledges that the key to successful health and safety management requires an effective policy, organisation and arrangements, which reflect the commitment of senior management. To maintain that commitment, we will continually measure, monitor, improve and revise where necessary, an annual plan to ensure that health and safety standards are adequately maintained. Senior Management will implement the Company’s health and safety policy and recommend any changes to meet new circumstances. Europa recognises that successful health and safety management contributes to successful business performance and will allocate adequate finances and resources to meet these needs.

The management of Europa looks upon the promotion of health and safety measures as a mutual objective for themselves and employees. It is, therefore, the policy of management to do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent personal injury and damage to property. Also, the Company aim is to protect all interested parties, including visitors and members of the public, in so far as they come into contact with our activities, from any foreseeable hazard or danger.

All employees have duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and are informed of their personal responsibilities to take due care of the health and safety of themselves and to ensure that they do not endanger other persons by their acts or omissions. Employees are also informed that they must co-operate with the Company in order that it can comply with the legal requirements placed upon it and in the implementation of this policy. All employees understand that they also have the ability to improve OH&S and Europa will ensure continued consultation with all employees to enable their recommendations and this will be discussed at regular intervals.

The Company will ensure a systematic approach to identifying hazards, assessing the risks, determining suitable and sufficient control measures and informing employees and other interested parties of the correct procedures needed to maintain a safe working environment. Maintenance of our Safe Systems of Work, safe plant and machinery, safe handling of materials and substances, the provision of adequate safety equipment will be continuous to ensure that appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision is given.

We regard all health and safety legislation as the minimum standard and expect all employees to achieve their targets without compromising health and safety.

Modern Slavery Policy Statement

Our Business & Supply Chain:

Our supply chain connects with both European and International suppliers.

Our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking transparency statement:

Our recruitment policy will ensure that all prospective UK employees are legally entitled to reside & work in the UK and any successful candidates will be required to produce official evidential documents.

We will continue to carry out any required, reasonable, and practical due diligence in the sourcing of our goods and services wherever possible and have introduced continuous improvements to our supplier assessments & questionnaires to form part of the procurement and services selection process.

This will be completed in conjunction with our Purchasing & Supply Chain Vendor Management process monitored within our certificated ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System.

This will ensure that our supplier pre-qualification and re-qualification process will request information from both potential & existing supply companies to assess their suitability as a supplier and provide evidence of their intention to comply with our ISO certification and UK Law.

All statements and or policies received from our suppliers will be held on record as part of our supplier suitability auditing process.


We will ensure that all requested details are received promptly and audited regularly, at least annually, to ensure compliance whilst providing any awareness training to our personnel as required. This forms part of our re-certification audits for our ISO systems.

Please Note: Although Europa Components are currently outside the annual turnover required to provide a full written policy, we will endeavour to apply all due care and attention to the above transparency statement and adhere to all areas where reasonably practicable as part of our ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System qualification.

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